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5 HTP By Protocol For Life Balance

Your body produces a number of hormones that regulate and maintain various systems to ensure optimal health and wellbeing. In order to produce these hormones the body needs abundant sources of the compounds that are necessary for the production of the hormones. The body produces serotonin to help regulate and maintain healthy moods. Your body also needs serotonin for the healthy regulation of appetite. Serotonin also influences and regulates melatonin production. Your body needs an abundant source of tryptophan to be able to produce 5 HTP, which is needed for the production of serotonin.

Although some foods contain tryptophan, you can supplement your levels of serotonin by taking a 5 HTP supplement.

The 5 HTP range of products by Protocol for Life Balance offers you top quality 5 HTP that you can use to supplement your daily dietary intake of tryptophan in order to support and promote healthy serotonin levels.

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