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ADHS 120 - Biotics Research

The adrenal glands play an important role in supporting and regulating health during times of stress. Although stress is a natural part of life, constant stress can place the body under stress and this can affect your metabolism and your health in general. Constant stress can also deplete the adrenal glands. You may suffer from fatigue, slower metabolism, and immune system deficiencies as a result of long term stress.

It is therefore important to help to support the body during periods of stress that persist for extended periods of time. Your body needs an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help fight the effects of stress. There are also herbal extracts, commonly known as adaptogens, which can help your body cope with the effects of stress.

The ADHS 120 range of products by Biotics Research offers you top quality herbal adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals to help you cope with the effects of stress and to help the body reduce the effects of stress.