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AdrenaCort by Karuna Health

Glandular therapy has been used for centuries to help to support the health of the glandular system in the body. The principle of glandular therapy is based on the fact that healthy organs contain all the nutrients necessary to support health and by taking healthy glands, you obtain all the necessary nutrients to support a particular gland.

The adrenal glands play a vital role in regulating your metabolism, moods, and sleep cycles. It is responsible for the stress cycle in the body and is responsible for overall survival. It is therefore vital to support the adrenal glands to ensure they are healthy and functioning at optimal levels.

The AdrenaCort range of products by Karuna Health offers you top quality BSE free, freeze-dried, adrenal cortex tissue in combination with other vitamins and minerals designed to support the adrenal cortex to ensure adrenal health.
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