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AllerEase by Blue Poppy

Allergies can be debilitating, especially when season's change and pollen begins to exacerbate these allergies. Allergies do not only affect quality of life though. Allergies are one of the first signs of inflammation in the body and inflammation can have a devastating effect on the body. Inflammation is one of the leading underlying causes for many of the debilitating and life-threatening diseases we face today. Inflammation is the underlying cause in diabetes, arthritis, and in some types of cancer.

It is therefore important to take care of allergies and to support the body if you are suffering from allergies. There are a number of herbs and herbals extracts that have the ability to help support the body during periods of allergy. Huang Qi, Yi Yi Ren, Shan Yao, and Dang Shen are all Chinese traditional herbs that may be used to help reduce allergies and support the body during periods of allergies.

The AllerEase range of products by Blue Poppy offer you a scientifically formulated combination of Chinese traditional herbs designed to help support the body during periods of allergy.

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