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Amino Acid Base by Metabolic Maintenance

Your body is an amazing machine that contains a self-maintenance department to repair or replace most of the components to keep you healthy. It replaces bone, tissues, muscles, and organs on a regular basis to ensure the body is kept in tiptop condition. The constant replacement of tissue means that your body needs a constant source of amino acids and other nutrients to make that replacement possible.

Amino acids are building blocks that the body needs to build new muscles, tissues, and cells. These compounds are either obtained through your daily dietary intake, or some of them are produced by the body. It is therefore vital to ensure your daily dietary intake includes a good source of the amino acids required to support the body.

The Amino Acid Base range of products by Metabolic Maintenance offers you top quality amino acids that you can use to supplement your daily dietary intake of amino acids to help to promote healthy tissue regeneration and to support other systems in the body.