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B Complex Liquid 116 ml by Pure Encapsulations
B Complex Liquid 116 ml by Pure Encapsulations

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B Complex Liquid 116 ml

Your nervous system depends on a number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to function properly. The B vitamin group plays a vital role in the production and maintenance of healthy nerve cells. Various forms of vitamin B are also essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Vitamin B supports and promotes proper liver function and the B vitamins play a role in the metabolism of various fats and proteins.

Various forms of vitamin B can be found in the foods we eat. Sources of vitamin B12 include clams, liver, and some breakfast cereals. Foods that are high in vitamin B6 include chickpeas, tuna, and salmon.

Nerves and the nervous system are an integral part of your health and whilst it is possible to get all of the B vitamins from food, the task can be daunting. A B Complex Liquid supplement, like the supplement from Pure Encapsulations, offers you a convenient way of ensuring that you are getting the B vitamins you need without the aggravation of trying to work out a diet that includes all of the vitamin B you need.

Suggested Use:
Take 1-2 droppers daily, with or between meals

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