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Baobab Fruit Powder 4 oz by African Red Tea
Baobab Fruit Powder 4 oz by African Red Tea
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Baobab Fruit Powder 4 oz

Baobab Fruit Powder is simply one of the most nutritious foods on earth. We add absolutely nothing to our Fruit Powder - no sugar, no sodium, no preservatives.

Our Fruit Powder dries naturally on the tree in South Africa and is simply ground into a fine powder. That's right, no freeze drying, heat extraction or pasteurization to upset nature's nutritional synergy.

And because we employ the most stringent quality control processes possible - tracking the fruit from its tree of origin through the moment it is hermetically sealed for shipment - each batch of our Fruit Powder is 100% pure.

Baobab in Your Drink = Easy Nutrition

Baobab is a tangy addition to juices or plain water. Just one teaspoon is all you need - or two if you like a thicker drink - to add great flavor and a cornucopia of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your diet.

One trick: invest in a mixing bottle (we like the Blender Bottle). These handy little devices evenly and completely mix Baobab Fruit Powder in H2O almost instantly

How To Use Baobab Fruit Powder

Enjoying Baobab Fruit Powder is easy:

Mix it with water or juice. Baobab by itself tastes like diluted lemonade, very refreshing after a hard workout.
Add it to yogurt or smoothies for an antioxidant rich treat.
Stir a spoonful into breakfast cereal or oatmeal.
Mix it into the batter for pancakes, waffles or other baked goods.
How about baobab sherbet or ice cream? Delicious and nutritious.
You can even add it to tea, marinades or sauces.

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