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Basic Maintenance by Metabolic Maintenance

The design of the human body is quite astounding. The body has an amazing ability to replace tissues, muscles, and joints that are faulty. It has the ability to protect you against threats like toxins and bacteria. It has the ability to help you grow, to support you, and to ensure you age at a healthy rate. Your body is essentially a self-contained unit. It does however rely on you for all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are required to help it function properly and efficiently.

These nutrients normally come from the diet, but as science discovers more and more about health, the list of nutrients and vitamins keeps growing. It is physically possible to get all the nutrients from your diet but it is highly impractical to try to ensure your daily diet includes the nutrients you need.

The Basic Maintenance range of products by Metabolic Maintenance offers you a complete supplement designed to give you the basic nutrients required on a daily basis to help to support the body.