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Betaine HCL by Pure Encapsulations

Your digestive system is probably one of the most important systems in the body when it comes to supporting your body's ability to maintain health. Your body relies on the digestive system for all the nutrients that are required for the various functions it needs to perform. Your energy, your heart rate, your ability to think, move, and enjoy life all rely on your digestive system's ability to provide nutrients to the body. It is therefore vital to ensure your diet supports the digestive system and digestive function.

To digest food, the body uses enzymes to break down food into the various components that the body needs. These enzymes are included in some of the food you eat and they are also manufactured by the body.

The Betaine HCL range of products by Pure Encapsulations offers you top quality enzymes that you can use to supplement the enzymes your body produces to ensure efficient digestion.

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