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Bio-Zyme by Integrative Therapeutics

The digestive system is the first system that is essential for health. All food starts off in the digestive system and every nutrient you need for health starts as food in the digestive system. You can eat an abundance of the right nutrients, but if the digestive system cannot convert those nutrients into the compounds needed by the body, then all those nutrients will be wasted. It is therefore vital to support the digestive system to make sure it can break down the food into the nutrients the body can use.

The pancreas produces a number of the enzymes that are required to break down food into the nutrients needed by the body. If you support the pancreas, you are supporting the digestive system.

The Bio-Zyme range of products by Integrative Therapeutics offers you a way to support the pancreas by supplying the digestive enzymes required to assist the breaking down of food.

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