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BioDetox by Biotics Research

Compounds in the body often don’t have only one function. Vitamin C for example is a powerful vitamin that is needed to support various functions in the body, including supporting the immune system, and it is vital for energy production. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. Toxins and certain chemical reactions in the body release compounds called free radicals. These compounds can damage the body. Your body uses antioxidants to neutralize these free radicals. If the body uses vitamin C for example, then it may not have enough vitamin C left for other processes.

As the environmental pollutants and toxins increase, the body needs to use more and more nutrients for eliminating free radicals and this can lead to a nutrient deficiency. A great way to support the body is to take a detoxification supplement that can help to get rid of the toxins so that the body can use the nutrients for the functions it needs to support health.

The BioDetox range of products by Biotics Research offers you a comprehensive supplement that was designed to support detox in the body.