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BioTech D3-5 High-Quality Vitamin D3 for Optimal Overall Health

BioTech offers high-quality vitamin D3 (brand name D3-5), the most effective form of vitamin D, in both regular BioTech D3-5 capsules and vegetarian BioTech D3-5 capsules.

Vitamin D is an important hormone that regulates the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream. Researchers have found that vitamin D is critical in the formation and maintenance of bone density, and they believe it also plays a vital role in the cardiovascular system, immune functioning, and overall health.

BioTech (BioTech Pharmacal) has been a leading vitamin and supplement manufacturer for nearly three decades. They follow a stringent protocol for the processing and packaging of their entire product line to ensure stabilized nutrients within every supplement they offer. Their supplements are trusted by renowned research institutions, including the Mayo Clinic, for scientific research and testing.

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Vitamin D2 or D3?

The supplemental forms of vitamin D are either D2 or D3. When no number is appended, the supplement is one of these two forms. Collectively, the two forms are known as calciferol.

D3 is the preferred form of the vitamin. Also known as cholecalciferol, vitamin D3 was found to be 87% more effective than D2 (ergocalciferol) for raising and maintaining levels of calcium in the blood.

The information about the effects of vitamin D applies to both D2 and D3.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D (both in the form of D2 and D3) is not an essential dietary vitamin because it can be manufactured by humans and all mammals from exposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

However, sun exposure is not always adequate for to create enough vitamin D, especially for people who live in northern climates. Furthermore, concern about cancers caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays has led to the increased use of sunscreens among the general population. Without enough UV rays hitting the skin, vitamin D production is limited.

Incidentally, when milk is exposed to UV, it also synthesizes vitamin D. This is how commercial dairy operations add vitamin D to milk.

Got Milk – and Vitamin D?

Because vitamin D acts as a helping agent for calcium, the most serious consequences of vitamin D deficiency revolve around calcium-related conditions, particularly bone strength.

But it's not just about calcium absorption and bone health. Since 2002, doctors have been testing more aggressively for vitamin D deficiency. That's because a lack of adequate levels of this hormone has been linked to numerous health problems.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and other facets of the medical community recommend supplementing with vitamin D3 as a potential preventive for the following conditions:

  • osteoporosis and bone fractures among the elderly
  • cardiovascular disease
  • lowered immunity, particularly during flu season
  • tuberculosis

Although vitamin D supplementation is not considered a preventive measure for the following conditions, low levels of the hormone have been associated with:

  • certain cancers, including breast and prostate, and worse outcomes in other cancers
  • higher levels of mortality among elderly women
  • multiple sclerosis

High-Quality BioTech D3-5 Available from CAMFormulas.com

Unless you get ample amounts of sunlight and do not use sunscreen, it would be wise to consider supplementing with vitamin D, particularly in the form of D3. Count on BioTech's experience and exacting standards to supply D3-5, their high-quality vitamin D3 supplement.

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