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Cal 6 by Douglas Laboratories

The body is amazing. From the time you are born, until the day you die, your body is working to ensure all of your bones, tissues, muscles and organs are in the best shape possible to support your health. As a child, the body creates bone tissue to ensure a healthy growth rate. It also replaces any bone tissue that needs to be replaced in order to ensure the structural integrity of your skeletal system. As you grow older, the body produces less new bone tissue and replaces older bone tissue with new tissue. In the elderly this process may begin to affect the how strong the bones are since the body begins to resorb more bone than it produces. Calcium and magnesium are vital for healthy bone formation. A lack of calcium or magnesium can hinder the bone formation process.

The Cal 6 range of products by Douglas Laboratories offers you a simple way to support bone formation by ensuring your body has sufficient calcium and magnesium on a daily basis.

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