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CalApatite Forte by Metagenics

Your skeletal system is responsible for supporting you throughout your life. It grows when you are a child to allow you to grow and develop into a healthy adult. Although the bones stop growing when you reach adulthood, the body continues to replace old bone tissue with new tissue to ensure you have a strong, healthy skeleton.

This process of replacing bone tissue means the body resorbs old bone tissue and makes new tissue to replace it. In order to support this process the body needs access to an abundant source of the minerals needed to form new bone tissue.

The Cal Apatite Forte range of products by Metagenics offers you a top quality source of all the minerals and vitamins needed to support the health of the bone formation process. It provides you with calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and the other minerals the body needs to build new healthy bones to support you via the skeletal system.

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