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Calcium Citrate by Douglas Laboratories

Calcium is one of the vital essential minerals that your body needs in abundant quantities to support its overall function and health. Most people know that calcium is essential for strong healthy bones and to support strong teeth. This is not the only function of calcium in the body though„calcium is used to help maintain a healthy acid/base ratio throughout the body. If your body becomes too acidic or alkaline it may be a life-threatening situation. Calcium is also needed to support the hormonal system in the body. Calcium is vital for sending nerve signals through the body. Calcium is found throughout the body and is essentially needed for supporting general overall health. It is therefore important to ensure your daily dietary intake of calcium meets the needs of your body.

The Calcium Citrate range of products by Douglas Laboratories offers you a simple way to ensure you get enough calcium to support the functions that rely on calcium in the body.

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Calcium Citrate 250 mg 250 tabs by Douglas Laboratories