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Calm Products by NeuroScience

Stress and adrenaline have become buzzwords in the modern world. There are even adrenaline junkies that thrive on this particular function of the body. The fight or flight or stress response of the body is a miracle of engineering. When you experience stress or are threatened, the body produces hormones that puts your body into overdrive mode. You produce more energy, you are more alert, and your reactions are increased. The downside to stress is that it places enormous strain on the body. The heart pumps faster, the immune system shuts down, the digestive system is focused on glucose and carbohydrates, and the body does not function properly. That is why stress and prolonged periods of stress can be devastating to your overall health, and that is why it is important to take nutrients, vitamins, and other compounds that can help to support the body to help it cope during periods of extended stress.

The Calm Products range by NeuroScience is designed to help provide you with the nutrients needed to help your body cope during periods of stress so that stress does not devastate your short and long-term health.

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