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Candicid Forte by Ortho Molecular

The digestive system relies on a delicate balance of the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract to ensure that nutrients can be absorbed from your food and to ensure that waste products are removed from the body. A number of friendly bacteria that reside in the digestive tract assist in this continuous movement of food through the digestive system. There are also nutrients and herbs that support this process and ensure a healthy digestive tract.

When food does not move through the digestive system at an efficient rate, that food can decompose and cause digestive complaints like bloating and pain. When food moves too quickly, other disorders like diarrhea can result. It is therefore essential to maintain a healthy, balanced digestive tract in order to support health.

The Candicid Forte range of products by Ortho Molecular offers you herbals extracts designed to support optimal digestive function.