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Clinical Magnesium by Anabolic Laboratories

Inflammation is one of the biggest threats that we face today in terms of our health and in terms of being able to promote health in the long term. The inflammatory system is complex and although it is essential for healing, inflammation that is allowed to persist on a long term basis can severely damage the body with devastating consequences and results.

The body can begin the inflammatory process for various reasons. Toxins, injury, and other complications may cause inflammation. There are also a number of nutrients that play a vital role in regulating inflammation within the body and without these compounds inflammation can occur without any underlying injury or complaint.

Magnesium is one of the nutrients that are essential for regulating inflammation. A deficiency in magnesium can therefore be responsible for inflammation within the body.

The Clinical Magnesium range of products by Anabolic Laboratories offers you top quality magnesium to ensure the body has sufficient magnesium to regulate and control inflammation.

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