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Cytozyme by Biotics Research

Glandular therapy has been around for more than a century as a way to support health and as a way to treat deficiencies in the glandular and hormonal systems of the body. The theory behind glandular therapy is that a healthy body and a healthy gland must contain all the nutrients required for health. If it were deficient in a nutrient, the gland would not be healthy. Therefore by eating a healthy gland from a different organism, you are providing the body with all the nutrients necessary to support health.

Male health depends on healthy testicles and healthy testosterone levels. If there is a deficiency in testicular health, it can adversely affect overall male health. By using glandular therapy, taking testicular tissue can therefore help to restore balance to the testicles to support health.

The Cytozyme range of products by Biotics Research offers you top quality tissue designed to support testicular health to support overall male health and function.