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DGL by Pure Encapsulations

There are certain herbs and herbal extracts that have stood the test of time where it comes to their ability to support overall health and to support various systems in the body. Licorice is an example of one of those herbs. Not only has licorice delighted the taste buds of many children but it has also been used by traditional healers for centuries to help support the digestive system and to help relieve certain digestive complaints.

Licorice promotes the efficient function of the digestive system as a whole. Licorice contains glycyrrhizin. This compound can aid digestion and it may also help to protect the liver from damage. Glycyrrhizin promotes the production and support of the stomach lining and it promotes the production of mucous that protects the stomach lining.

The DGL range of products by Pure Encapsulations offers you top quality licorice extract to support and promote optimal digestion.

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