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DHEA by Douglas Laboratories

The adrenal glands are one of the most important glands in the body in terms of the production and regulation of hormones in the body. Although the adrenal glands are most often associated with the stress response, the adrenal glands do more than merely produce adrenaline. The adrenal glands produce and distribute many of the other hormones that are essential for health. They produce the steroid hormones that regulate growth and development. They affect various processes including immune function, the regulation of blood sugar, and energy metabolism.

In order to fulfil its functions, the adrenal glands rely on various compounds to help it produce the hormones we need. DHEA is one of the most important compounds in this regard.

The DHEA range of products by Douglas Laboratories offers you top quality DHEA to support and promote optimal adrenal health and function.

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