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EPA DHA by Metagenics

There are essentially three nutrients that are required for optimal health and they are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Each of these nutrients consists of many different forms of these nutrients and these forms can affect how well they are able to support health. In terms of fats, the body needs fats to survive. But there are healthy fats and there are fats which are not healthy. Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy forms of fat that the body can use to meet its requirements for healthy fats. Your cell membranes are composed of a double layer of fats. The brain is composed of more than 80% fat. Fats are required by almost every system in the body and healthy fats like EPA and DHA can support and promote health and support the body's requirements for fats.

The EPA DHA range of supplements by Metagenics offers you a top quality source of healthy fats including EPA and DHA to help supplement the body's requirement for healthy fats.

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