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The emergence of the holistic approach to medicine has given us a new way to view health and health care. Holistic medicine is aimed at treating the individual as a whole rather than trying to isolate the symptoms or systems responsible for the symptoms a patient is exhibiting. Holistic medicine blends the art of medicine with the science and uses ingredients that work synergistically to treat the patient as a whole, including mind, body, and spirit.

The Energetix range of supplements is designed to offer you products formulated to treat individuals holistically. With a product range that includes botanicals, nutritionals, flower essences, and homeopathic preparations, the Energetix range of supplements takes healing to a new level.

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Adrenapath 2 oz by Energetix Aller-Chord F 2 oz by Energetix AminoGest 180 caps by Energetix
Bacteria-Chord 2 oz by Energetix BioNutrient Multi 120 caps by Energetix BoswelliaZyme Complex 60 capsules by Energetix
Catalyst-7 180 caps by Energetix Catalyst-7 90 caps by Energetix Catalyst-U 90 caps by Energetix
Colon Clear 90 caps by Energetix Core Berberine Blend 2 oz by Energetix Core Echinacea 2 oz by Energetix
Core Maca Gold 2 oz by Energetix Core Mycelia Blend 2 oz by Energetix Core Oilve Leaf 2 oz by Energetix
Core Pau d'Arco Blend 2 oz by Energetix CV-Tone 2 oz by Energetix Drainage-Tone 2 oz by Energetix
Fields of Flowers 2 oz by Energetix Fields of Flowers 4 oz by Energetix Flora Chewable 60 wafers by Energetix
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