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Finest Pure Fish Oil

Fish used to be a big part of the human diet but as technology and society have evolved, we have moved further from our roots. We no longer eat fish as much as we used too or as much as we need. The body requires a constant source of DHA and EPA that is contained in fatty fish and fish oil. DHA and EPA are essential for supporting many of the systems in the body. The heart and the cardiovascular system rely on DHA and EPA to support optimal health and function. The circulatory system relies on fish oil to regulate and maintain healthy platelet function. Fish oil may help to regulate and reduce inflammation and the inflammatory process within the body.

The Finest Pure Fish Oil range of supplements offers you top quality fish oil in a simple, convenient supplement that makes it easy to ensure you get sufficient fish oil on a daily basis.

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Finest Pure Fish Oil

Finest pure fish oil provides all the considerable benefits of fish oil supplements, but with a light, fruity taste. It is scientifically calculated to contain high levels of EPA and DHA, omega-3 fatty acids that researchers believe improve cardiovascular health, relieve inflammatory and allergic disorders, and stimulate mental health in adults and kids.

The Secret Is Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Numerous scientific and medical studies have revealed that the special type of polyunsaturated fat found in the tissues of cold-water fish has an enormous health benefit for human physiology. This particular kind of fat is called omega-3 fatty acids. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the most important types of omega-3s for health. Finest fish oil supplements contain varying amounts of DHA and EPA, depending on individual needs.

Finest Pure Fish Oil Products Sold by CAMFormulas.com

CAMFormulas.com offers a selection of finest pure fish oil by Pharmax and Carlson Labs to suit your whole family – kids included.

High EPA Finest Pure Fish Oil 150 ml by Pharmax

You would never know from the taste that High EPA Finest Pure Fish Oil by Pharmax is concentrated from anchovy and sardine oil. Instead of an overpowering fishy flavor, it has a pleasant orange taste, making it a superior method of getting high doses of EPA and a high ratio of EPA to DHA.

High EPA Finest Pure Fish Oil is naturally concentrated and provides 1225 mg of EPA and 320 mg of DHA (a 4:1 ratio) in each teaspoon (5ml). The supplement is independently tested for PCBs, dioxins, furans, and PAH's, and mercury and other heavy metals are undetectable in this product.

High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil 5.1 fl oz by Pharmax

For those who need high levels of DHA, such as pregnant and lactating women or women post-lactation, High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil by Pharmax is the fish oil supplement for them. Pharmax molecularly distills the highest grade tuna oil to remove contaminants and increase DHA levels.

Tasteburst Finest Pure Fish Oil 90 Chewables by Pharmax

Most kids will refuse to take fish oil supplements that smell and taste of fish. This leaves parents with the puzzling task of how to supply their children with the health-promoting constituents of fish oil, which researchers believe supports brain and neural tissue development.

Fortunately, CAMFormulas.com offers Tasteburst Finest Pure Fish Oil Chewables by Pharmax – a delicious, orange-flavored supplement with high levels of EPA and DHA. Even better, the chewable form means kids don't have to swallow pills whole.

Carlson for Kids Fish Oil Lemon 200 ml by Carlson Labs

If your kids are a fan of lemon instead of orange, Carlson for Kids Fish Oil Lemon by Carlson Labs

is a great choice. It's a rich source of omega-3s to support brain and vision development, boasting 800 mg of omega-3s in each half-teaspoon. Carlson Labs retrieves their finest fish oil supplements' ingredients from cold-water fish in the waters of Norway, and the supplements are bottled nearby to maximize freshness.

Finest Pure Fish Oil Direct from CAMFormulas.com

Protect your health and give your children an excellent start: choose finest fish oil from Pharmax and Carlson Labs.

When you order these high-quality supplements from CAMFormulas.com, you enjoy our Price Match Guarantee and fast, free shipping on all orders.