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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pets & People 1.5 lb by Lumino Wellness
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pets & People 1.5 lb by Lumino Wellness
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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pets & People 1.5 lb

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is not earth or dirt. It is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one-celled aquatic plants (diatoms). Over the eons, as these diatoms fossilized, they retained their tubular shape and holes. Their shape and hardness produce extremely pure and consistent DE.

There are different grades of DE in the marketplace. Of the 600 deposits in the U.S., only four are considered Food-Grade by the FDA. Lumino DE is almost pure white and consists of 89-94% silicon dioxide plus 28 trace minerals.

There are also two basic original sources: fresh water and salt water. Our fresh water deposit began eons ago as pure snow. The snow's run off provided the water source the diatoms lived in. Diatoms in fresh water form a harder shell than those in salt water.

The silica in Lumino DE is amorphous. This is silica in its naturally occurring state. It is a trace mineral every mammal on the planet needs for survival. The silica in DE becomes crystalline when it is exposed to extreme heat through volcanic activity or commercial manufacturing.

How Does DE Work?
Seen through an electron microscope, individual DE cells look like old fashion hair curlers, basically a cylinder covered with multiple pointy sharp edges. These points give DE its strong yet gentle abrasive quality. The surface area of the cylinder creates the ability to be a super dessicant.

If DE is such a strong abrasive, why doesn't it hurt pets and people? The answer involves size, skin, and bood vessels. DE points are too small to pierce the skin of pets and people. Healthy humans or pets should have no problems or reactions. All DE products (including pet versions) are tested on people. Individuals with severe respiratory difficulties should be careful when dusting with fine powders such as DE, and wear a mask or respirator.

Alternative uses to toxic chemicals

Applying as a soil amender to clay soils for more porosity.
How both animals and humans ingest it to eliminate parasites and worms, as well as for a bio-available source of silica minerals.
Mix it with bulk grains and food to keep the foodstuff fresh and free flowing.
Using DE in facial masks and scrubs to absorb impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells that dull the complexion.
Household uses as a natural abrasive, absorbent and deodorizer.
Chemical Codex Food Grade, Fresh Water and Amorphous Silica.

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