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Glucosamine + MSM Forte by Douglas Laboratories

Joints, cartilage, and connective tissues are the substances that keep the body together, that support the body, and that provide flexibility. Joints are a vital part of health and in order to ensure your joints have the flexibility and the strength required to support the body, the body is constantly replacing old joint tissue with new structurally sound tissue.

There are a number of nutrients that are needed to support this constant replacement process. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring sugar found in various plants. MSM is a form of DMSO that is known for its ability to support joint health. Other nutrients like bromelain also support and promote the healthy formation of new joint tissue.

The Glucosamine + MSM Forte range of supplements by Douglas Laboratories offers you top quality nutrients designed to support the formation of new joint tissue to support a healthy skeletal system and function.

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