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Glucose Control 60 Capsules by Blue Sky Herbal
Glucose Control 60 Capsules by Blue Sky Herbal
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Glucose Control 60 Capsules

Data suggest that Bitter Melon has a significant hypoglycemic effect occurs in both healthy and diabetic patients. Glucose control contains well known botanical ingredient Mormodica Charantia otherwise known as Bitter Melon. Mormodica Charantia (Bitter Melon) contains Glycosides, Momordim, Charantin, Polypeptides. Bitter Melon increases glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis in the liver, muscle and nerve tissue and improves glucose tolerance. Bitter Melon, grouped with Fenugreek (another hypoglycemic herb), in conjunction with Curcuma Zodoria helps liver cells respond quickly, and improves liver function.

Helps build strong immune system
Helps build glucose tolerance
Helps maintain proper blood sugar levels
Helps regulate lipid metabolism and maintain healthy cholesterol levels
Helps maintain healthy serum triglyceride levels
Helps maintain good health

Bitter Melon A prospective evaluation of 18 newly diagnosed adult diabetics comparing blood glucose level with and without bitter melon administration 30 minutes prior to an oral glucose tolerance test (GTT). Patients had not started any hypoglycemic therapy (e.g. insulin or sulfonylureas). A statistically significant reduction in blood sugar after administration of bitter melon, approximately 20-30%, was demonstrated. Larger randomized trials are necessary to establish long-term effects.

Fenugreek A prospective, one-arm study of dietary fenugreek in 60 patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes of differing severity levels. 40 patients were taking oral hypoglycemic drugs. Each subject underwent 7 days of control diet followed by 24 weeks of consuming 25 g/day fenugreek seed powder prepared in a soup. Diets in each period were similar in calorie and nutrient composition, except for higher fiber content in the fenugreek diet. Mean serum cholesterol decreased from baseline (approx. 241 mg/dl) to 24 weeks (approx. 199 mg/dl), as did LDL cholesterol (approx. 143 to 114 mg/dl), LDL+VLDL cholesterol (approx. 179 to 148 mg/dl), and triglycerides (approx. 187 to 159 mg/dl). Diarrhea and flatulence were reported in a few patients.

A randomized, controlled, crossover evaluation of dietary fenugreek in 10 non-insulin dependent diabetics taking glibenclamide, 2.5-7.5 mg/day, with stabilized diet and drug dose. The study consisted of two 15-day periods: 5 patients received bread containing 25 g fenugreek powder daily for the first 15 days, while the other 5 received it in the second 15-day period. Control bread contained the same nutrient content without fenugreek. Food intake and body weight were similar between treatment arms. An intravenous glucose tolerance test at the end of each period showed significantly lower mean plasma glucose levels at 40, 50, and 60 min and an 11% reduction in the area under the curve (AUC) in the fenugreek group. Erythrocyte insulin receptors were significantly higher in number in the fenugreek group. A washout period should have been instituted between test periods.

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