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Hyrdo Zyme by Biotics Research

Enzymes and compounds that the body produces are responsible for breaking down the foods you eat into the nutrients that are required to support the body and its various systems and functions. Your body produces many of the enzymes and acids it needs from these nutrients. Unfortunately, the digestive system relies on nutrients to produce the enzymes and the system relies on enzymes for those nutrients. This can be a vicious cycle if one element is missing. It is therefore important to supplement the body with the enzymes and acids needed to support digestion, especially if you are experiencing digestive disorders like diarrhea.

The Hyrdo Zyme range of products by Biotics Research offers you a way to supplement your digestive system with the enzymes and acids needed to support digestive system health and function.

Your body relies on the stomach and digestive system to supply it with all of the ingredients required to support health. To supply the body with these ingredients the stomach and digestive system must first break down all the food you eat and then metabolize those into the nutrients you need. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are difficult to break down into their component parts and very strong acids and enzymes are required to break down and transform the nutrients into compounds the body can use. Although the body can make all of the acids and enzymes it needs, a supplement that offers these enzymes therefore supports and promotes efficient digestive system function.

The Hydro-Zyme range of supplements by Biotics Research offers you top quality acids and enzymes designed to support and promote the digestive process.