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Kaprycidin-A by Ecological Formulas

Calcium, magnesium, and zinc are a powerful combination of nutrients that are required to support and promote optimal joint health and function. Your body needs abundant sources of calcium and magnesium to form new bones and joint tissues. Your body is constantly replacing older joint tissue with new joint tissue. Without the necessary calcium, zinc, and magnesium, the new joints formed may not contain the minerals necessary to support health and strength and the new joints may therefore not be as strong as necessary. The body also uses calcium, zinc and magnesium to support other functions and processes in the body and without sufficient sources of these nutrients, other areas of health may begin to suffer.

The Kaprycidin-A range of products by Ecological Formulas offers you top quality calcium, magnesium, and zinc designed to support joint health and function, the health and function of the immune system, and other areas to ensure general health.

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Kaprycidin-A 90 caps by Ecological Formulas