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Kavinace Ultra PM 30 Capsules by NeuroScience
Kavinace Ultra PM 30 Caps by NeuroScience
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Kavinace Ultra PM 30 Capsules

Blend of ingredients shown to improve onset and quality of sleep*

Kavinace Ultra PM provides the strongest sleep support among Kavinace products**

Take 1 capsule at bedtime as needed or as directed by your healthcare provider

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5 of 5 NeuroScience Kavinace Ultra PM 30 September 5, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
Sleep is something we need every day in order to maintain proper energy levels, brain health and for optimal health. When you sleep at night, you are relaxing your body to recover from the entire day of work and issues and your health depends on proper sleep in order to stay healthy. It is the healthiest thing you can do for your body and when you are not getting proper sleep at night, your health can be at harm for illness. Millions of individuals suffer from inadequate sleep every day, night, and year and as a result, health suffers.

Sleep and Health
Research has taken many strides to find out why we sleep every day and have found some interesting health discoveries as part of these strides. While it is not entirely exact as to why we sleep, we understand, more now than ever, that sleep is important for our health.

Brain Health
When you sleep at night, you recharge all of your cells and your brain drops into a subconscious that helps to renew your brain and overall mental potential. When you get a proper night of sleep the night before, you are much more able to take in and process new information, which means you are better able to learn new material and information.
The research supports optimal sleep levels for the overall benefit of your health. There have been many studies to show that when you do not sleep at night, you are at a bigger risk for heart disease, myocardial infarctions, type II diabetes mellitus, and abdominal obesity.
Improved Sexual Health.
Part of living a healthy life involves sexual health. When everything is considered, many individuals claim that they are too tired for sexual intimacy at night, which only hurts close relationships and lifelong marriages.
Control Pain.
Sleep plays a vital role in the management of pain and when you feel pain, you are more likely to be tired. There is a positive link showing a relationship between proper sleep and pain reduction. If you are constantly feeling pain day in and day out, there is a good chance that if you get adequate sleep at night that you may actually not feel as much pain.
Falling asleep at night is not always so cut and dry. Some individuals are able to fall asleep and rest peacefully and others toss and turn nightly only to get little sleep. There are a number of reasons and factors that control how fast you fall asleep and how well you stay asleep at night. One of the biggest reasons for the variations in sleep is through the hormone melatonin. Our bodies are naturally able to fall asleep as the day turns to night and the biggest reason for this is because of the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin and your Sleep Health
Melatonin is an important hormone that is naturally found in your body and is released at night in order to help you to initially fall asleep. This hormone is typically released naturally by your body in response to dark rooms and night time situations, but under certain circumstances, your body will not secrete proper amounts of melatonin properly. Some individuals find that increasing age, bright lights, blue ambient light, noise, and phones distract the body’s ability to naturally release melatonin into the blood, which tends to inhibit your ability to fall asleep effectively. Individuals who have this problem may be prescribed or directed to take melatonin in order to “reset” an internal clock to help you to get restful sleep. This should be something that should be discussed with your doctor or pharmacist prior to prolonged use.

In addition to differing hormones to help aid in your falling asleep at night, GABA is a certain neurotransmitter that helps to prevent certain cells in the brain from being activated. In other words, GABA helps to slow your mind down and it can be a highly effective neurotransmitter for your health. There are direct links between low levels of GABA with anxiety and different disorders that can cause you to not have sufficient sleep at night and when you supplement with GABA, your body benefits. Some individuals are directed to use GABA as part of reducing overall anxiety and stress as well as for improving sleep at night.

Kavinace Ultra PM 30 Capsules
In light of the vast knowledge on sleep and health, fortunately there is assistance to help aid in a restful night of sleep. Kavinace Ultra PM Capsules are designed and formulated to help your body relax and fall asleep in a natural way. Using a proprietary blend of ingredients that includes a solid balance of melatonin, serotonin, and GABA, Kavinace PM can help your body to relax so that you get the best sleep possible. This proprietary blend can help you to restore your cardiovascular health to help avoid negative cardiac health and to keep your metabolic profile as healthy as possible. If you have been having high levels of anxiety and have been having difficulty with your sleep lately, consider seeking help with Kavinace PM Capsules to help improve your healthy lifestyle.

Directions for Use

Make sure to use Kavinace PM as directed and avoid any extra doses throughout the day. In order to help assist with a healthy lifestyle and to help assist you with sleeping adequately, take one capsule every day before you go to bed. It is not recommended to take more than two capsules in a day. For best results, take Kavinace PM within 30 minutes of when you expect to fall asleep. Take your dose with water and avoid any juice or alcohol when taking this supplement. As with any medication or supplement, consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or qualified healthcare provider to ensure your safety with the use of Kavinace PM. Use this natural supplement as directed and avoid operating any heavy machinery or driving after taking your daily dose. Women who expect to become pregnant or who are already pregnant should consult with a doctor or qualified healthcare provider prior to use.

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5 of 5 ***** August 22, 2017
Reviewer: Doris from Driskill  
I love Kavita center Ultra PM!  It helps me stay asleep throughput the night.

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4 of 5 Better Sleep June 8, 2017
Reviewer: Doris  
Kavinace Ultra PM helps me get a better nights sleep.

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5 of 5 Kavinace ultra pm May 23, 2017
Reviewer: Barbara  
I've tried many other sleep aids and this works.  It was also recommended by my naturopathic Dr so I trust it also

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5 of 5 Sweet Dreams March 3, 2017
Reviewer: Ceil from Highlands Ranch, CO  
Kavinace Ultra PM has been a life saver for me. I get a great nights sleep. The regular Kavinace didn't work for me. I have recommended it to several friends who have sleep issues and they love it as well.

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