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Lavilin Under Arm Deodorant 0.44 oz by Micro-Balanced
Lavilin Under Arm Deodorant 0.44 oz by Micro-Balanced
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Item #: MICBAL-1004

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Lavilin Under Arm Deodorant 0.44 oz

Lavilin Hypo-Allergenic Deodorant was developed by scientists studying the fact that body odor is created when bacteria break down perspiration. So, eliminate the bacteria, and you eliminate the odor! The arnica and calendula in Lavilin do just that - they eliminate the bacteria resulting in a long-lasting, aluminum and alcohol free deodorant that works for days to keep you smelling fresh. Put it on at night, shower or wash off in the morning, and only re-apply when needed again - which can take up to 7 days!

* One application provides odor protection for days.
* Free of aluminum, alcohol and harsh chemicals, unlike almost any other deodorant on the market.
* Hypo-allergenic, suitable for delicate skin.
* Bathing and showering, sports and strenuous physical activities do not interfere with Lavilin's effectiveness.
* Tested at leading research centers -- proven safe and effective for days.
* Combats perspiration odor for both men and women.
* Only a small amount of Lavilin is necessary for maximum effectiveness.
* Just one jar of Lavilin lasts several months -- saving both time and money.

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