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Magnesium by Pure Encapsulations

When people think of magnesium, they tend to think of bone and skeletal health and they tend to think of supporting muscles within the body however, magnesium actually supports and is vital for over 300 chemical processes in the body. Magnesium does play a vital role in supporting skeletal health and muscular function. Magnesium is also vital for the healthy metabolism of the nutrients required for health. Magnesium plays an important role in the energy production processes of the body and it allows the body to use glucose to produce energy. Magnesium also allows the body to use sodium potassium and calcium and these nutrients are essential for health. It is therefore vital to support the body by ensuring your daily dietary intake includes sufficient magnesium to support health.

The Magnesium range of products by Pure Encapsulations offers you different magnesium supplements designed to support and supplement your levels of magnesium to support the body processes that rely on magnesium.

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