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MediClear by Thorne Research

The liver is one of the most important organs when it comes to supporting the body and the ability to maintain optimal health. The liver produces many of the compounds the body requires. The liver also plays a vital role in digestion. The liver is responsible for most of the detoxification that is required by the body. In terms of detox, the liver is responsible for neutralizing toxins that can damage the body. There are hundreds of different toxins that threaten health and detoxification depends on the type of chemical involved. There are therefore two different types of enzymes that are involved in the detox process depending on the toxins involved. It is vital to support the liver in both phase I and phase II enzyme production to help protect the body and to support liver function.

The MediClear range of products by Thorne Research offers you rice and pea proteins that support the detoxification process and the liver in its function of detoxification to help to protect the body from the potential damage caused by various types of toxins.

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