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Mega Stress - Priority One

Stress is essential for survival. It keeps you safe from life-threatening conditions. It gives your body the energy to run when your life is at stake. It fuels your muscles to give them the strength to fight when your very survival depends on it. Stress is essential for life-threatening conditions, but stress was not designed for the modern lifestyle we live today. When you are late for work, your life is not on the line, but your body nonetheless triggers the stress response. When you have to move at the end of the month, your survival does not depend on that move. Sadly, stress robs your body of vital resources that you need for long-term health. That is why it is essential to supplement your nutritional intake when you are stressed.

The Mega Stress range of supplements by Priority One is designed to supplement nutritional intake and it contains herbal extracts that are formulated to help your body cope during periods of prolonged stress.

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