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Melatonin by Douglas Laboratories

Melatonin is one of the compounds that is produced by the body that is essential for overall health. Your body produces melatonin at night when you sleep. Melatonin supports various functions in the body including supporting the immune system. It is therefore vital to ensure that your melatonin levels remain high enough to support the other functions in the body. The problem with melatonin is that melatonin regulates sleep cycles, and sleep is essential to produce melatonin. An imbalance in sleep therefore disrupts melatonin production that in turn affects sleep, leading to a vicious cycle that can severely impact on your overall health.

The Melatonin range of products by Douglas Laboratories offers you a simple and convenient way to break out of the melatonin deficiency cycle in order to ensure healthy sleep cycles to support the immune system and other systems that rely on healthy sleep.

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