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The immune system must deal with thousands of attacks on a daily basis, many of these occurring in the digestive system. The digestive system contains a number of elements that support the immune system. Supporting the immune function of the digestive system can help to keep the body healthy and free from invasions by viruses and bacteria. Humic acid and monolaurin both help to support the immune function of the digestive system. Olive leaf extract also contains antibacterial and antimicrobial elements that can help to support the immune function of the digestive system. The digestive system helps to protect the body and it is therefore vital to support the digestive system in this particular function.

The Monolaurin range of supplements by Allergy Research Group offers you a top quality approach to supporting the digestive system’s immune function to help to protect the body.

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Monolaurin Works When Antibiotics Don't

When cold and flu season hits, many of us wish for an antibiotic to treat our fever, congestion, and body aches.

But antibiotics only work on bacteria, making them useless against the viral agents that cause the common cold, influenza, and a range of other maladies.

However, relief from viruses can be found with monolaurin. Unlike antibiotics, monolaurin attacks the cells that cause viruses, making it effective against illnesses antibiotics can't treat. Even better, monolaurin is a wide-spectrum agent that attacks bacteria as well as viruses, wiping out low-grade bacterial infections while they attack viruses.

Monolaurin's Numerous Health Benefits

Research has found that this powerful antimicrobial agent can be used to successfully fight the following:

· Common cold

· Influenza (the flu)

· Shingles

· Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

· Herpes simplex 1 and 2

· Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

· Rubeola (measles)

· Newcastle's

· Cytomegalovirus

Research Supports the Use of Monolaurin

Numerous scientific studies suggest that monolaurin is highly effective as an antimicrobial agent. (In fact, monolaurin is such a powerful germ killer that it is used in the food service industry to prevent food spoilage and as a hand sanitizer in health care facilities.)

Researchers found that both Staphylococcus aureus, the germ that causes staph infections, and Helicobacter pylori, a virus that causes stomach ulcers, were successfully disabled by monolaurin in certain studies. More studies are under way testing monolaurin's effect on the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV.

Mother Nature's Secret Weapon

The remarkable benefits of breast milk for newborns are well established: mother's milk protects infants from myriad microbial agents and builds up their immune system while remaining gentle enough for their still developing physiology.

But what makes breast milk so healthy? Experts believe that one of its ingredients, the fatty acid lauric acid, is partially responsible for breast milk's numerous health benefits. Monolaurin, which contains the monoester of lauric acid, is thought to possess the same infection-fighting and immune-boosting qualities as breast milk, making it a natural protector against illness.

One particular advantage of monolaurin is its effect on the digestive tract. Because the human body fights off infection largely through the gastrointestinal system, an agent that boosts immunity is naturally gentle on the stomach.

Try Our Monolaurin Today

Regularly consuming monolaurin is an excellent way for you and your family to safely and naturally protect against the common cold, the flu, and more dangerous infections. Unlike traditional remedies for stubborn viruses – such as herpes treatments – monolaurin derives directly from the body's organic defenses.

Monolaurin also keeps your immune system charged up, which helps fight against harmful bacteria, including those causing stomach bugs, ear infections, and respiratory ailments.

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