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Panplex 2-Phase by Integrative Therapeutics

The digestive process is broken down into different phases. When you eat a meal, the stomach has to break down the food into its component parts. Once the food has been broken down into smaller component parts then the enzymes begin their job of transforming those component parts into the nutrients the body can absorb and use to support health. Strong acids including HCl are used to break down the food. Digestive enzymes like protease, lipase, and amylase are required to convert those nutrients into nutrients that can be absorbed. A good digestive supplement should make provision for both phases of digestion to ensure optimal, efficient digestion.

The Panplex 2-Phase range of products by Integrative Therapeutics offers you pepsin and HCl along with other digestive enzymes designed to support both phases of digestion to support and promote efficient digestive function.

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