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PeleoMeal by Designs for Health

The paleo diet has made the news as a healthy way to live. Also known as the caveman diet, this diet follows Paleolithic nutrition as a way to support health. Although the diet may be healthy, trying to ensure every meal you take conforms to the diet may be a challenge. There are however supplemental meals now available that can help you to apply this diet to your daily routine with minimum effort.

The PeleoMeal range of products by Designs for Health offers you a simple meal replacement based on the Paleo diet. The Paleomeal contains a high concentration of whey protein in combination with other minerals and nutrients designed to supply the body with all the nutrients required to support the functions and structure of the body. These delicious shakes can be added to your daily diet to simplify your daily meal planning and to ensure you remain on the Paleo diet to support health.