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Pet Hot Spot Relief Gel 8 oz by Caribbean Solutions
Pet Hot Spot Relief Gel 8 oz by Caribbean Solutions
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Item #: CARSOL-1015

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Pet Hot Spot Relief Gel 8 oz

Your dog has been licking and chewing on a spot for the better part of the day? The spot has now become a raw, open sore that is possibly oozing fluid. Your best friend may have a skin infection known to vets as Pyotraumatic Dermitius, or HOT SPOTS. Hot Spot Relief Gel will immediately begin to relieve and heal the problem when applied directly to the effected area(s). The combination of Natural Eucalyptus, Organic Aloe, and Tea Tree Oil from Australia will act quickly to heal the irritated tissue, close cuts/abrasions, and retard the itching. The common areas for HOT SPOTS are areas that dogs can lick or scratch, like the feet and legs; rump and flanks. The infection spread to the ears, neck, and chest by way of the dog's constant scratching. Stop HOT SPOTS with Hot Spot Relief Gel.

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