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Pregnenolone by Douglas Laboratories

The chemistry of the body is extremely complex and scientists have yet to discover all of the secrets. The body is, however, able to produce various compounds that it needs on its own to ensure it always has an abundance of these compounds. The production of these compounds do however mostly rely on nutrients available to produce these compounds so if you don't have the nutrients, the body cannot make these compounds. The body produces pregnenolone as a precursor for other compounds it needs. Your body uses pregnenolone to produce steroid hormones like DHEA and progesterone and these hormones play a vital role in supporting the functions of your body. Although your body produces pregnenolone, you can also take this compound in supplement form to help support the body.

The Pregnenolone range of products by Douglas Laboratories offers you a simple way to support the body in the production of pregnenolone.

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