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Prostana 60 softgels by Anabolic Laboratories
Prostana 60 Gels by Anabolic Laboratories

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Prostana 60 softgels

Features saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil with a combination of vitamin-mineral-botanicals complex, which is shown to be effective in stabilizing prostate volume and significantly reducing the symptoms of lower urinary tract problems.

Two softgels contain the proper doses of ingredients efficacious for maintaining prostate health. Each serving provides a full daily dose of nutrients shown to be effective in stabilizing prostate volume and reducing the symptoms of lower urinary tract problems.

Benign prostate hyperplasia is quite common among older men in the United States with prostate cancer now the #2 cancer killer.

Ultrasound examination of the prostate indicating volume increase. The normal volume for older men may be up to 36 ml, averaging about 20 ml, while volumes larger than 42 ml often indicate pathology. The observed ranges for both conditions are extremely wide and quite dependent on subject weight, equipment and software selected for examination.
Total PSA levels (from blood draw) as low as 0.5 µg/L are sometimes associated with benign hyperplasia while levels as low as 1.0 are sometimes observed for subjects
suffering cancer even though < 3 µg/L PSA is considered normal.
A gray zone" from 4 to 10 µg/L PSA, indicating either hyperplasia but not necessarily cancer and is usually resolved with biopsy.
Prostate volume and symptoms, including urinary incontinence and nocturnal visits can often be successfully treated with nutritional supplements.
Surgery remains the only commonly accepted treatment for diagnosed cancer.
Around 250,000 prostate cancers are newly diagnosed annually, resulting in a death toll of about 30,000.

Suggested Use:
Take one softgel twice daily, preferably before or with meals.

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