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Super Lip Care Invisible Cold Sore Bandage 12 Counts by Quantum
Super Lip Care Invisible Cold Sore Bandage 12 Counts by Quantum
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Super Lip Care Invisible Cold Sore Bandage 12 Counts

Covers, Protects and Hides a Cold Sore - Day or Night

Soothes and relieves
Easy to apply
Stays on for hours
Hydrocolloid technology creates a better healing environment
(Note: Lip Clear bandages are not medicated)

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Nobody has to know. The Lip Clear Invisible Cold Sore Bandage covers your sore and protects it from irritants while it heals. You can hide a cold sore by covering the bandage with lip gloss and makeup. The only thing you'll see is how easy it was to cover up!

The Lip Clear Cold Sore Bandage is the only cold sore patch that uses hydrocolloid technology to maintain skin moisture necessary for optimal comfort and relief. It's made from a semi-transparent material so it blends in with your lip color. It's easy to apply, will stay on for hours and can help protect the cold sore from further injury or infection while it heals. They are gentle on the skin, protect against scarring, and support the body's natural cleansing mechanism.

Soothes & Relieves:
The hydrocolloid cold sore bandage adheres to the lip, covering exposed nerve endings thereby providing soothing relief and physical protection from bacteria and contaminants. The cold sore patch is latex-free to help prevent irritation.

Stop Contagious Spread:
Covering a cold sore with our bandage can prevent the contagious cold sore virus from spreading to others through direct contact or contact with items you use such as towels, silverware, straws, etc.

Prevents Irritating or Contaminating Your Cold Sore
The cold sore patch bandage prevents you from touching the open sore with your lips, tongue or fingers and irritating or contaminating the sore.

Tip! The Lip Clear Invisible Bandage can be used alone or in conjunction with Lip Clear Lysine+ ointment to treat the cold sore. Apply the ointment directly to the sore as directed. Wait 30 minutes. Then apply the bandage. Lip Clear Lysine+ ointment has been clinically shown to cut cold sore healing time in half.

If you'd like to watch the instructional video it follows these instructions.

Putting makeup on an exposed cold sore, especially when it's a scab, is difficult and can be unhealthy. The Lip Clear bandage creates a clean hygienic surface and can hide the sore when used with makeup.

The first step is to put the bandage over the cold sore - make sure you follow the directions above. And before you begin applying makeup, wash your hands.

1. Apply a cover up / base foundation.
2. Pat or brush in powder.
3. Gently apply lip gloss. That's it!

However, if you want to set the color, apply a single layer of tissue over the area - and gently brush and press the loose powder in. Then remove the tissue and apply another layer of lip color.

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