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Tran Q by Metagenics

Your body and your overall ability to maintain health is based on a delicate balance between various systems. You need exercise to help you maintain health and to encourage the body to produce energy, but you also need the ability to rest and relax to allow the body time to produce other chemicals and compounds that are vital for health. The body gets vitamin D when you are exposed to direct sunlight but you also need to spend a certain amount of time in a pitch dark environment to produce melatonin and to support the immune system. It is often easier to create energy and to improve energy levels than it is to force the body to relax sufficiently to support health.

The Tran Q range of supplements by Metagenics harnesses the power of herbal extracts like poria fungus, polygala root, biota seed, jujube fruit, gardenia fruit, tangerine peel, and licorice root to help to promote optimal relaxation.

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