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Ultra K2 D3 by Anabolic Laboratories

One of the biggest concerns of the elderly is frailty and fractures. Bone density tends to decrease with age, but this does not mean that bone density is entirely age related. In fact, most of the bone related disorders in the elderly could be avoided with the right nutritional support, however, nutritional support is not an overnight solution. It takes years for bones to lose density and it can take a long time for the body to restore bone densities. Vitamins K2 and D3 are two of the nutrients that are essential for supporting bone density and health. Your body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight but in areas where winter is cold, it is often difficult to get sufficient exposure to bright sunlight to facilitate the production of vitamin D.

The Ultra K2 D3 range of supplements by Anabolic Laboratories offers you a simple vitamin K2 and D3 supplement that you can use to support optimal bone density and health.

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