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UltraClear Plus by Metagenics

Disorders related to stress, like chronic fatigue syndrome, are not only devastating on your ability to maintain health or achieve health, but they are also self-perpetuating disorders to a certain extent. Chronic fatigue often occurs as a result of prolonged or persistent stress. This situation depletes the body of resources and also promotes the build-up of toxins. To get rid of the toxins and repair the body, you need an abundance of nutrients. Many of the foods we eat today are full of toxins. This means that it is almost impossible to get the nutrients you need without adding to the toxic load of the body, which in turn exacerbates chronic fatigue.

The UltraClear Plus range of supplements by Metagenics is a range of supplements formulated to help combat chronic fatigue by providing the nutrients you require to restore health without the toxins normally associated with these nutrients.

The amounts of toxins in our foods and water these days are alarming. Chemicals are added to our water to try to purify it for human purposes. Chemicals are added to our foods to help them last longer, ripen slower, and to help to preserve them. All of these toxins accumulate in the body and can be a real threat to overall health. Detoxification is therefore essential but in terms of detox, you are often caught in a chicken vs egg situation. You need nutrients to support health and encourage detoxification but when those nutrients contain toxins of their own, trying to remove toxins and keep the body clean can be almost impossible.

The Ultra Clear Plus range of products by Metagenics is a simple range of meal replacement supplements that can help you to ensure that you get the nutrients you need while you detoxify the body.

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Chronic fatigue and sleepiness taking over your day? Think you’re getting enough sleep, but still suffering from a lack of concentration, focus, and mental clarity? It’s no surprise most of the population is experiencing symptoms of toxic and environmental pollution as an uncomfortable imbalance of energy and changeable moodiness. Diet and exercise can certainly benefit and improve these conditions, however, intervention may be the best and most immediate source of relief and repair within the body. By tackling the problem head on, you can prevent future degenerative damage and infectious disease that’s plaguing the nation.

Metagenics has created a unique formula of essential vitamins and minerals to promote healing and daily health, focusing on detoxifying compounds and powerful amino acids to build a defense system against exterior toxins and environmental damage. Fortified with rice protein, an easily digestible and clean source of protein, UltraClear is a collection of delicious mixes to supplement a detox for a renewed sense of strength and health for the body.

UltraClear SUSTAIN is a gastrointestinal formula for overall digestive health and can reverse the damage from leaky gut syndrome, food allergy and sensitivities, and balances the microflora within the intestinal tract to improve absorption. It is also a gluten, dairy, nut, soy, yeast, shellfish free product without preservatives or artificial additives.

UltraClear PLUS Berry for a refreshing, delicious supplement that delivers overall health and balancing the body while increasing available energy and lifting your mood naturally.

CAMFormulas is dedicated to making the entire UltraClear line of products available for the consumer to make the best decision for whole health and wellness!