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UltraMeal by Metagenics

Obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, an inability to lose weight, chronic fatigue, and many other modern diseases have their roots in a malfunctioning metabolic system. The metabolism relies on a delicate balance of hormones, compounds, and nutrients to ensure the body can produce sufficient energy to support health. If the metabolic rate is too fast, the body's nutrients can be depleted and some of the organs, like the heart, can be placed under added strain or pressure, which is detrimental to long term health. Too slow and the body cannot create enough energy to maintain optimal function which means you struggle to lose weight and suffer from fatigue.

The UltraMeal range of supplements by Metagenics offers you a simple way to balance nutrition to help restore balance to the metabolic system in order to encourage optimal energy levels and to promote overall health.

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Today’s modern world is noticing a global shift in one of the most recognizable symptoms; our weight. Obesity and overweight individuals are growing in number as research publishes new statistics every year. Our environment is promoting consumption of unhealthy, high calorie foods that are processed chemically and contain artificial ingredients. All of these unstable compounds are influencing our bodies and disrupting our cells, potentially affecting our ability to keep weight off and stay at a healthy size. Support and help for those who struggle with weight loss is fleeting and inconsistent, furthering the cycle of yo yo diets which only contribute to seeing a higher weight on the scale over time.

Metagenics created the UltraMeal line as a response to the effects of metabolic syndrome and obesity, providing whole foods based ingredients and vital nutrients for a healthy body. Your blood sugar levels will stay stabilized with a special formula of low glycemic ingredients that compliment your insulin levels and prevent spikes or extreme lows that processed foods often create. There is even dairy free calcium for strong bones and those who suffer from food allergies and a high percentage of fiber to cleanse the intestinal tract of toxic waste.

UltraMeal Dutch Chocolate is a delicious way to enjoy dessert without impacting your waistline or overall health. Prefer an exotic flavor? UltraMeal Plus 360 Pina Colada will take you to the Bahamas, sipping refreshing drinks by the ocean (real vacation not included).

Eradicate your extra weight for good while staying healthy with a delicious UltraMeal shake and improve your life! carries a wide variety of UltraMeal products for you to choose from.