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Whole Body Cleanse by Integrative Therapeutics

One of the biggest challenges facing you in terms of supporting and encouraging health is the challenge to keep the body clean and toxin free. The environment, our food, and our water supply are constant sources of toxins that enter the body and that can do some serious damage to the cells, tissues, and organs. It is vital to detox the body but detoxification is a complex process. You need to clean the digestive system first to encourage and support the detox process. If the digestive system is full of toxins then adding extra toxins to the digestive system through detox can overload the digestive system and toxins can actually be reabsorbed into the body.

The Whole Body Cleanse range of supplements by Integrative Therapeutics offers you a comprehensive range of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals designed to support all the phases of detox to help to cleanse the whole body.

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