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Zn Zyme by Biotics Research

Zinc is a trace mineral that supports a number of functions and systems in the body. Your immune system requires abundant amounts of zinc to support immune function to protect the body from invasion by various forms of viruses and bacteria. The skin also requires abundant sources of zinc to support optimal skin health and function. Zinc is required by all of the sensory organs, from the eyes to the nose, to ensure optimal function of the senses. Zinc is found naturally in many forms of meat, like lamb and beef, and it is found in certain types of seeds like sesame seeds.

Although you can obtain zinc from your daily diet, a more accurate and scientific way to ensure the body obtains sufficient zinc is to invest in a zinc supplement to ensure your body always has adequate levels of zinc.

The Zn Zyme range of supplements by Biotics Research offers you top quality zinc to support and promote optimal functioning of various systems in the body.