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Agape Health Products

Agape Health products have been helping people since 1973. The brand aims to support the body naturally through eliminating toxins and waste build-up in the colon and intestines. Agape’s product line aims to purify, strengthen, and actually reshape the colon and intestinal tract to support proper elimination. Over time, gravity, lack of exercise, and a diet of fiber-less processed foods will impede naturally functioning digestive processes, leading to illness and slow elimination. Along with a diet high in fiber and whole foods (including fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), Perfect 7 Intestinal/Colon Cleanser will help one to experience regular elimination and with time, resulting improved overall health.

Featured Products by Agape Health Products

• Perfect 7 Intestinal Cleanser – (available in capsules or as a powder) comprised of psyllium seed and husk and Buckthorn bark, Cascara Sagrada bark, alfalfa leaves, rosehips, Lactobacillus Bifidus powder in bentonite clay, cayenne pepper, garlic, and goldenseal.

• Perfect 7 Senna Herbal Laxative – (available in tablets) comprised of iron, Senna leaf, Senna extract, tamarind juice extract, date fruit, fig fruit, prune, and apple fiber.