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American Biologics

For over three decades, American Biologics has been producing targeted nutrition and evidence-based allergen free supplements designed to promote optimal health. American Biologics, founded in 1978, is privately-owned by Carole Bradford and has a following of nutritional specialists worldwide.
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DLPA 60 caps by American Biologics DLPA 60 capsules by American Biologics
MSRP: $33.90
Our Price: $26.44
Super B 90 caps by American Biologics Super B 90 capsules by American Biologics
MSRP: $18.54
Our Price: $14.46
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High-Quality Vitamins by American Biologics

American Biologics uses good manufacturing processes and rigorous quality control measures. Pure raw materials are used in all formulations, flow agents are well-chosen, and reputable biochemists design their science-based formulations, which receive certificates of analysis.

Featured Products from American Biologics

Created by Parris M. Kidd, PhD., Renewal Factors are designed to contribute to cell homeostasis, tissue growth and renewal, and also organ vitality.
• Bone and Connective Tissue Formulas include Ultra Osteo Synergy and Ultra Connexin.
• Liver and Cell Membrane Renewal Formulas include Ultra Hepa Trope II and Ultra Super Omega EPA/DHA.
• Nerve Tissue Recovery and Healthy Brain Function Formulas include Ultra NeuroRecovery, Ultra Brain Power, and GPC.
In addition to these specialized renewal products, American Biologics produces enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, glandulars, probiotics, essential fatty acids, and a detoxification program.